Lies Freshmen Believe Part 2
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Lies Freshmen Believe: Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at Lie #1 and learned some great truths about friendships and college. Today, we’re going to talk about your major, and how it affects “the rest of your life.”

“I have to figure out my major now because it’s going to determine the rest of my life!”

Okay. There are actually two lies hidden in this statement. Lie number one is that you have to figure out your major right now—totally not true. The beauty of freshman year is that everybody has to take the same classes: EN 126, HI 101, SP 101—you get the idea. So, switching your major really doesn’t affect the classes you’ll be taking.

I switched my major four times freshman year, and I haven’t lost any time. In fact, with the aid of a few summer classes, I’m on track to graduate early with a degree that I love and am super excited to use later on. Of course, this won’t always be the case. Sometimes, you’ll miss a prerequisite or two that ends up adding an extra semester or year, but I’d much rather finish a year later with a degree that I’m passionate about than finish on time with a degree that doesn’t excite me.

The next lie in this statement is that your degree will determine the rest of your life. Unless you’re a nursing or pre-med student, it really won’t. According to The Washington Post, “62% of recent college graduates are working in jobs that require a degree, yet only 27% of college graduates are working in a job that even relates to their major.”

So don’t stress about “the rest of your life.” Instead, pick a major that you enjoy and leave the rest to God.

Come back tomorrow for the final lie (and here’s a hint: it’s one that everybody—including you—has believed at some point)!

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