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5 Date Night Ideas that Aren’t the Palms Grille

You know your relationship is becoming a little more serious when you reach that great milestone:

The Palms Grille date.

Before we got married, Denis and I loved going to the Palms to order some Papa John’s Spicy Italian Sausage pizza. It was our go-to date.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite date activity, it’s fun to do something different with your special person. Plan a date night that doesn’t involve the usual—the Palms Grille, Fine Arts, or the Sports Center.

If you’re short on ideas, consider trying one of these:

1.) Stargaze

You don’t need to be an astronomy buff to enjoy stargazing. All you need is a great stargazing app.

I have Luminos, an interactive star map, installed on my iPad. Even though it’s highly detailed and full of scientific data, it’s still user-friendly. You can use Luminos not only to find which constellations are visible at a certain time but also to accurately track when a visible satellite passes overhead!

Although Pensacola isn’t the best place to stargaze due to the light pollution from the city, most bright stars and constellations are visible from campus. Sit at a picnic table on the Varsity terrace, and you won’t have the obstruction of trees.

So grab some hot chocolate, open up your favorite stargazing app, and explore the night sky.

2.) Read Together

Reading your Bibles together definitely develops a bond. Exchanging knowledge and discussing passages with each other helps you in your spiritual walk.

But aside from reading Scriptures together (though that certainly would be enough), you can read homework assignments out loud to each other, and extracurricular books as well.

Make a date out of reading a work you both enjoy. Or read a couple’s devotional book every Saturday after supper—with dessert.

3.) Make DIYs

It stands for “do-it-yourself,” but DIY projects can be more fun when they’re made with someone else.

You don’t have to be artsy to get into these projects. Many DIYs are more practical than aesthetic.

Maybe you’re a graphic designer and she’s a writer—combine your skills to write and design beautiful cards you can sell or give as gifts! Or maybe you’re an essential oil queen and he’s an adventurer—assemble some mini first-aid kits with oil blends like bug repellent and muscle ache reliever.

Or maybe you’ve both been struggling with tangled earbuds in your backpacks—make earbud cases with empty Ice Breakers containers.

The things you can make are limitless. Find what interests the both of you, arrange a date, and make something together!

4.) Attend a Co-ed Christian Service

Okay, so this one isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a date, but it’s a great way to bond with your boyfriend or girlfriend and serve the Lord at the same time.

I didn’t attend Christian Service until Denis convinced me to join him. Now we’re both co-leaders, and we look forward to going out every week!

Serving the Lord doesn’t have to be a one-man job—in fact, it’s often a team effort! You’ll grow closer to the Lord and to each other by going out together on Christian Service.

5.) Dinner & a Show

It’s a classic date that can easily be neglected here on campus. Pick up two of your favorite frozen meals from Wal-Mart and plan a date in the Commons or outside at a picnic table. Get a small tablecloth, some fake flowers, and vase, and battery-operated fake candles to dress up a table.

Plan your dinner date before a concert, recital, or graduate production. There are many throughout the semester—just check the Campus Connection screens or the calendar on Eagle’s Nest for dates.

Dinner and a show is a classy and romantic date, and my favorite to organize. Yes, you’ll stand out, especially with your battery-operated candles—but you’ll be having so much fun it won’t matter.

What unique dates have you organized or been asked out on? Share your date ideas with us in the comments below!

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