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Breakfast Hacks for a More Exciting Morning

If your breakfast isn’t enough motivation to get up in the morning—it’s time for a change.

Breakfast should be something to look forward to! It’s just a little pause between your bed (where you’d probably much rather be) and your first class, but it can have a huge influence on the rest of your day.

If you have an energizing, tasty breakfast, you’re setting yourself up for a good day. But if your breakfast is bland and boring…

Don’t. Don’t eat a boring breakfast.

So… what can you change?

Look over some of these ideas to redefine your breakfast!

Savory Oatmeal

If you’re watching your sugar intake, but craving the benefits of heart-healthy oats, try savory oatmeal!

Savory oats?

Is that a thing?

Yes! If you don’t use brown sugar in your oatmeal, it’s just like grits or rice. You could eat it plain, or with a little bit of cheese. I like my savory oats with some bacon bits and ground sausage from the breakfast burrito bar—and just a little stream of pancake syrup to balance out the salt.

Orange Marmalade

This—this is my weakness.

I really like to eat breakfast potatoes with orange marmalade—yes, together. The sweet tanginess of the marmalade compliments the saltiness of the potatoes so well.

If you’ve never tried the orange marmalade and you’re looking for some new flavors, try adding some to your pancakes, oatmeal, southern biscuits, or Greek yogurt—or your breakfast potatoes.

Monte Cristo

If you go to breakfast regularly, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes the healthy line has leftover deli ham. Those are the wonderful days when you can make Monte Cristos!

Grab either a waffle or a couple pancakes, add some ham, sprinkle with cheese, and warm it up in the microwave. Depending on your tastes, eat it savory, or drizzle it with some pancake syrup.

Deviled Eggs

… have nothing to do with the Adversary, I promise. “Deviled” is just a culinary term for food prepared with hot spices.

If your hard-boiled eggs are starting to seem bland, add some flavor by turning them into deviled eggs!

Cut a hard-boiled egg (or two) in half, and scoop the yoke into a condiments cup. With a fork, mash the yoke with some mayo, mustard, and salt and pepper to taste. If you’re interested in more kick, replace the mustard with either hot sauce or bbq sauce. And if you really want to take your eggs to the next level—stir in some chopped onions and bacon bits from the burrito bar. Add the deviled yolk mixture back into the egg whites and enjoy!

Egg-White Legit Omelets

The egg-white omelets in the healthy line already taste great with just a little salt and pepper—but if you’re looking for a change in your breakfast routine, try upgrading these eggs to real omelets.

Just unfold the egg white omelet and stuff it with cheese, salsa, peppers, sausage crumbles—whatever you like, and zap it for thirty seconds in the microwave.

Don’t stick to the norm, if the norm is bland—switch up your breakfast routine and try one of these hacks! Or try something else from your own imagination. Let us know in the comments what breakfast hacks you love to do.

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