5 Steps to Memorizing Bible Verses

Memorizing Scripture is a big part of academics here at PCC. A good quiz grade in any Bible class can be decided by just a few words in a verse. So knowing a verse word for word is a great boost for you both academically and spiritually. I’ve found five simple steps that work for me when I memorize Scripture.

Step 1: Read the verse all the way through.

Don’t stop halfway through, even if it’s a long verse, and repeat what you’ve already read. Read the entire verse. This will familiarize you with what you need to memorize.

Step 2: Write the verse on a 3x5 card.

Before you attempt to seal the words in your brain, seal them on paper. Something about writing a verse out keeps it in my mind better and makes it easier to memorize in the end.

Step 3: Start memorizing one phrase at a time.

Look for punctuation marks. Periods and semicolons are what I go for but commas are okay too. Read the verse until you come to that first punctuation mark and stop. Memorize that phrase. After you’ve mastered the first phrase, move to the next one, and so on.

Step 4: Memorize the verse in its entirety.

After you’ve mastered the phrases, this step should be easy. Combine the phrases you memorized and say the entire verse without looking at it. It won’t take you long to get it word-perfect.

Step 5: Write the verse like you would on a quiz.

Once you’ve mastered (or think you’ve mastered) the verse, replicate a verse quiz. Sit down with pen in hand and write out the whole verse. Don’t stop if you can’t remember one word. Just get all you can down on paper.

Compare what you wrote in this step to what you wrote in step 2. If you made any mistakes, mark them and write the verse again until you get it word-perfect.

These steps have helped me go into many Bible quizzes with confidence. This method has saved me on some amendment quizzes as well (Poli-Sci people, you know what I’m talking about).

Maybe you have your own method that has worked for you, but if not, give this simple way of memorization a shot and see if it helps you ace that Bible quiz.

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