How to Choose the Best Cookie
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How to Choose the Best Cookies

People who say they aren’t dessert people… confuse me. Greatly.

I’ve always had a massive sweet tooth. My favorite dessert is cookies. Chocolate chip specifically.

My mom makes the best. We joke that an angel put the recipe in her head one day and that’s why they’re so good. But here at school, finding a good cookie to satisfy my sweet craving is hard.

Over the years my process for finding the perfect cookie in the dining halls has become very very specific. My friends make fun of me for being so picky about it; but if I’m getting a cookie, I want it to be one of the best cookies I could have gotten.

So here are some quick tips. May your cookie scavenging in the dining halls never be the same.

1.) Location

Pizza line in Varsity and line 7 in Four Winds hold the best cookies 90% of the time. The pizza line is so warm it makes all the cookies extra gooey and melty. Line 7 in Four Winds definitely doesn’t have as much warmth, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the best are here simply because it is the least frequented line, and therefore less picked over. Sometimes the bakery does decide to splurge, and there’s just amazing cookies everywhere. For a quick good cookie though, this is definitely where you should check first.

2.) Chocolate Chip Amount

Don’t just mindlessly grab a cookie. This is where your inspection starts, and it’s the easiest thing to see. Don’t be afraid to take your time either. People can wait, the joy you’ll get from biting into this cookie will be worth it. If a cookie looks only ok on the top, flip it over with the prongs and check that there’s not a goldmine of chocolate chips underneath. You never know. Also, feel free to dig through those rows of cookies. Sometimes the best ones are near the back or center.

3.) Softness

This is where your evaluation has to get more detailed. This is when the truly good cookies start to be found. Now, I am NOT telling you to go poke every cookie in the dining halls and see how soft they are. You can determine softness just as well with the cookie prongs. Try bending it ever so slightly. Tap the cookie on the tray once you’ve picked it up. If you can’t bend it in the least without it breaking completely in half, or it sounds like a rock when you tap it, put that cookie down. It will only end in a mouthful of dry disappointment.

4.) Weight

You may be wondering how in the world the weight of a cookie affects how good it is. This is the quality that makes all the difference though. A heavier cookie usually means one of two good things. Either number one—more chocolate chips hiding in the middle. Or, number two—a super soft and doughy inside. The burnt, dry cookies are super light. The wonderful ones, you’ll feel some weight when you pick up. This, combined with the other qualities listed, is the true sign of a magnificent cookie. Do not give that cookie up. Fight for it if necessary against the guy that randomly jumped in beside you to grab a cookie too.

Cookie scavenging is an art and will take time, but I think this is a good start.

May your cookies be soft, and may your sweet cravings be satisfied! 🙂

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