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Top 3 Must-See Areas Near PCC!

Florida is a wonderful place filled with so many things to do—and it just so happens a lot of those places are within a short drive of campus. It astounds me how many people rarely go off and explore the area!

So I’ve done some research for you, and here are what I think are the top 3 areas near campus you HAVE to explore before you leave PCC!

1.) Go to downtown Pensacola.

Downtown practically has everything. Coffee shops, restaurants, gorgeous views of the bay, you name it.

For coffee, I highly recommend Foscos and The Bodacious Brew. And if you’re wanting to splurge on dinner, personal favorites of mine are the Tin Cow, Dog House Deli, and Al Fresco.

The Palafox Pier and Yacht Harbor are where you’ll get your views though, and they’re always a blast to explore!

There’s also multiple parks downtown, many with historic memorials.

Two little downtown tips for you: If you go to the Pier/Harbor on Blue Wahoo game nights, you may get a free firework show from the stadium across the water.

Second, there’s tons of free parking with no time limit near The Fish House!

Yacht Harbor at sunset









2.) Explore the Gulf Breeze area.

There’s so much to do on the shoreline other than the beach!

The Gulf Breeze Pier provides wonderful views whether you’re on it or under it.

Fort Pickens has some amazing wildlife and historical sites you don’t get on the normal beach. (It’ll cost you $20 to get in though, so bring some friends to split the cost!)

Also down in Gulf Breeze is a branch of Drowsy Poet, a favorite coffee stop of PCC students. On your way to Gulf Breeze, don’t forget to stop at Bagelheads. (You’ll never find more delicious bagels in your life.)

Gulf Breeze Pier










3.) Tour the Pensacola Navy base.

I think seeing a military base is a crazy-neat experience. You don’t get to go wherever you want, but the places open to visitors are unlike anywhere else.

First off, there’s the Pensacola Lighthouse. Admission is $7, but trust me, you can skimp on coffee for a week—the view at the top is worth it. ? Be prepared to do some climbing, though (i.e. bring good shoes).

If you want something with no cost, Fort Barrancas and The Naval Aviation Museum on base are free! The pieces of the fort left are truly inspiring, and if you have any interest in planes or the military you’ll love the museum.

To get onto the base, make sure everyone has their driver's license! Also, make sure you go to the NAS Pensacola West Gate at 1878 South Blue Angel Parkway. (The main gate is only for people who have a Department of Defense ID.)

View while climbing Pensacola Lighthouse

Inside Fort Barrancas









So grab some friends (one with a car preferably, if you don’t have one ?), and get exploring!

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