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It’s a Colorful Life

I heard this quote once: “Life is art; live yours in color.”

At first, I thought it meant to keep life exciting—just be spontaneous and ignore all the serious stuff. I’m sure that was the original intention of this phrase. If life is all work, it will be “black and white.”

But I’ve discovered a different translation.

Yes, art is often colorful, but most artists would tell you creating a masterpiece is far from easy. It requires a lot of tedious work. The small details provide depth and give structure to the colors.

When you combine the two on canvas, the end result is more meaningful than random splashes of color but more fun than a black and white outline.

God showed me that I need a strong foundation with the proper priorities before I try mixing in the “fun stuff.”

When I first got to campus last year, I was so concerned with maintaining my grades that I lived like a hermit for a while and held everyone at a safe distance.

I believed having fun would be a distraction.

I was discontent and disappointed in my college experience… not to mention lonely. I had just left my family and everyone I knew but didn’t allow myself to form bonds with the new people around me.

Finally, I started making friends.

But I allowed them to pull me away from studying. I spent more time stressing about every assignment because I knew I wasn’t putting in enough effort and was cutting it too close to deadlines. I was having fun, but I felt guilty, like I should be doing homework or studying or anything else.

I believed I didn’t deserve to be having fun. I hadn’t earned it.

As a new semester is beginning, I think I’ve found the balance God was showing me.

We are social beings. God created us to need human interaction; cutting that out completely makes life dull and miserable.

God also encourages hard work. He wants His children to put their best effort into everything, and He wants them to enjoy the life He’s blessed them with.

I can study and do homework (on time) without pushing my friends away. Sometimes we can work together, but sometimes I have to draw boundaries. I know that school comes first, but I can leave time for fun, too.

What started as a cheesy inspirational quote has come to mean much more to me, and I have to agree:

Life is a work of art, and it’s best when it’s colorful.

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