Meet the Bloggers! Fall 2018
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Meet the Blog Team Fall ’18

Courage, dear heart.—C.S. Lewis

You know those awkward introductions at the beginning of a class? The blog team went through that a few days ago.

But they also answered some get-to-know-you questions by e-mail, like "What verse or quotation has inspired you lately?"

(If you need a question for getting to know people—or anytime, really ;)—that's a good one!)

Sabrina answered, "I just found this quote while searching the internet one day this summer and it really inspired me. It’s from the book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Lucy hears this after she calls out to Aslan for help during a time where she and everyone else was terrified. It reminded me so much of how we call out to God when we are afraid.

And it in just a few short words I feel like it really conveys God’s love and support for us."

This post would be longer than you probably have time for if we shared each blogger's answers, but it gives you a glimpse at the team's heart. Meet Blair, Coralie, Daniel, Natalia, Priscilla, Sabrina, Tommy, and Zach!

Blair Lane


Sophomore professional writing major from Colorado

Today, a book-devouring college student. Tomorrow (give or take a few years), a book-writing world traveler. Anytime I'm not lost in a great novel, I’ll probably be at the ice rink. The cold air and ice under my blades remind me of home and help me keep my cool. I believe words have power and texting in complete sentences is a valuable life skill.

Coralie Labrecque


Senior English Education major, Art minor from Quebec

I’m the girl who wears winged eyeliner and eats every meal with chopsticks—yes, even salad. But besides being proficient in these two art forms, I’m also fluent in French and Photoshop. I’m an English nerd, an amateur pianist, a coffee connoisseur, an avid horse enthusiast, and an expert crossword puzzle solver. I’m dedicated to the arts—especially painting, writing, and waffle-making.

Daniel Miller

The Thinker

Sophomore Pre-Law major from Wisconsin

I’m a really tall guy who loves music and coffee (the essence of life!). I want to make you guys smile and think when you read my articles, and hopefully, learn a few things that will make your college experience. When I’m not doing homework, you’ll see me hanging out with friends or walking (quickly) from class to class. If you see me, don’t be strangers!

Natalia Salomon

The Extroverted Introvert

Sophomore English major, education minor from Florida

I’m a 100% city girl whose hobbies include singing 24/7, diagramming sentences (I find it strangely relaxing), and window-shopping—aka fixing ALL the messed up hangers at clothing stores (I can’t help it!). My wardrobe is almost exclusively black and white, but that doesn’t reflect my personality, trust me! My goal with this blog is to encourage you guys to get involved at PCC, grow spiritually, and stay happy!

Priscilla Jogthong

The Seeker

Senior History and Biology double major,
Performance Studies minor

Priscilla has lived in several countries—most recently Italy, which was her favorite!

Occasional failure and always an unabashed geek, I am also a chronic daydreamer, history enthusiast, and wielder of the two-edged sword called an unpopular opinion. If I am not writing a novel or crying about chemistry homework, you can find me reading sci-fi or scrolling through obscure websites for fiction fuel.

Sabrina Childers

The Enthusiast

Senior Mechanical Engineering major,
Mathematics minor from Georgia

I am a cheerful, life loving, book reading, beach loving, quirky, chocolate loving nerd – and I am so excited to be a blogger this semester! I hope my articles encourage you, give you ideas of things to do, or just make you smile! I’m a desk worker so you may see me around, if you do please come say hello! ?

Tommy Campbell

The Misfit

Junior Pastoral Ministries major from Florida

I'm just a non-conformist trying to conform to the image of King Jesus. In my free time (which doesn't really exist) I enjoy thrift shopping, discussing theology with my friends, watching NBA basketball (#HeatNation), and people watching. In my posts, my aim is to provide unique perspectives on everything from biblical matters to campus life.

Zach Jewell

Passionate Writer

Sophomore Professional Writing major,
Political Science minor from Michigan

I’m Zach, a theology fanatic, politics junkie, and aspiring journalist. I have an obsession with Reese’s, sweet tea, and Chick-fil-A. Mainly, I love hanging out with friends and playing ball in the gym, but I also spend a lot of time reading almost anything I can get my hands on.

Now that you've met the team, is there something you'd like them to write about? Click the orange "What do you want to hear about?" button on the bottom-right of your screen anytime, and we'll pass along your suggestion.

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