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For Those Who Can’t Stay Motivated Between Finals

Commencement is just a few sleeps away!

 We’re in that time we talk about all semester—Finals Week. Projects are due, highly caffeinated souls are strolling the streets of PCC, and the semester is just about over.

 For some of us, it’s the end of this chapter in our lives, and the beginning of a new one. For others like me, it is just a stepping stone that’s bringing me closer to my goal.

 No matter which side you find yourself on, we all have something in common right now—we’re tired

 We are all plagued with exhaustion as we run from final to final. Maybe you're staring at your grade section on Eagle's Nest, trying to figure out if you managed to pull that grade up. You’re finalizing plans for the summer. You’re filling out resumes, applying for internships, asking yourself big life questions. 

 So here’s the bottom-line. How are you doing?

 Everyone’s asking you that. Maybe right now you’d rather walk away than have to answer them. But here’s some motivation, friend

 You aren’t alone.

 And guess what else? You’ve got this.

 Remember God brought you to it, and He can definitely bring you through it. Cast ALL your cares on Him for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

 Do your part. Trust God. Study hard. 

 You’re almost done! Let that thought motivate you and stretch you as you finish this semester.

 My friend, you can do this. Finish strong!

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