Fountains: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it takes to get your short story or poem published?

Whether you write for a class assignment or just for fun, you could be a published author on campus pretty easily.


Every year, we feature student writing through our on-campus publication known as Fountains. Two classes work each spring to edit student submissions, format the pieces, and provide artwork and advertisements for the published works.

So what does it take to produce a copy of Fountains? Here’s what the designers and my fellow editors had to say!

How are the pieces edited before they get published?

“Throughout the class, students serve as a Fountains editors for fiction, non-fiction, or poetry pieces. They work with authors to identify strengths and weaknesses before copy-editing the pieces. This hands-on editorial experience provides them insight into the roles and responsibilities of a book editor.” 

—Mr. Mark Wainwright, instructor for PW 304

cover design by student designers from AR 326 

Why is Fountains important for the college?

Fountains highlights emerging authors and gives the opportunity for students to create, express, and share with the campus the stories God has put on their heart. What's exciting is that even though some students are not writing students or English majors, they have an opportunity to be published and experience the editorial process!”

—Grace Shaffer, Senior Editor for the Thirtieth Edition of Fountains

How is Fountains important to you as a writer?

“Many of the stories inspire me, encourage me, and make me want to go write myself. I'm always curious to see if I know any of the writers and enjoy reading about the things that have shaped their lives.” 

—Hannah Edwards, Senior Editor for the Thirtieth Edition of Fountains

What’s the hardest part about designing for a project like Fountains?

“The biggest challenge the designers and illustrators face is that they need to all work together to create a unified project. Placing them in a group project setting really stretches them but, if executed properly, can produce some really great work. The eighteen designers worked together to make sure that the viewer has a smooth, enjoyable reading experience.” 

—Mr. Stephen Kozel, instructor for AR 326 

What was the inspiration for the artwork? 

“The inspiration for the designs was to give a feeling of imagination and creativity. They come through really well with the uniform design and color choices we went with. As you read through the book, the theme will change along with the color palette which adds to the overall feel of immersion into the stories.”

 —Matt Golden, student leader for the Fountains illustrations and design

AR 326 (Publication Practicum), Designers and Illustrators for Fountains 

What was your vision for promoting this semester’s Fountains

“My vision, when it came to promotional items for Fountains, involved coming up with a cohesive system that worked well together, but also worked in its individual parts. Designing such a system requires one to look at the end product and come up with a color pallet, find a way to make the typography match, and other small yet important details.”

—Scott Crabtree, student leader for Fountains promotions

AR 326 (Publication Practicum), Advertisers for Fountains

Why is it called Fountains?

The Fountains publication serves as a platform for the writers of PCC to showcase their work. The name of the publication is taken from a verse in Proverbs.

 “The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life.” Proverbs 14:27a

How can I get published in Fountains?

Here are some tips from the class instructor—

 “Submitted compositions should focus on developing content that connects to the reader (often through universal themes). Additionally, stories should have a clear purpose and demonstrate strong diction, syntax, mechanics, and writing philosophy.”

 —Mr. Mark Wainwright, instructor for PW 304

And while you’re working on that winning piece to submit next year, check out what other student are writing in this year’s edition!

Pick up your own copy of the Twenty-ninth Edition of Fountains in the Campus Store while supplies last!

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