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8 Simple Ways to Stay Fit

"How can I stay fit and go to college at the same time?"

Like lots of other college students, I’ve wondered this many times. How am I supposed to stay in shape in the midst of projects coming due and assignments creeping up on me, plus everything else? From conversations with other people, I’ve realized that this is a struggle for all of us. 

Finding that balance between studying and working out seems tedious. The truth is, many of us know deep down that getting in shape won’t be easy. But through WORK, it’s possible.  

This semester is halfway gone, but it’s not too late for me (and you) to say yes to getting fit! I’ve decided that being in shape is worth the work, no matter when you do it.  

I asked a couple of fit people that I know around campus for their best tips. Here’s what they said!

1.) Leave your room.

Trust me, I’m all about hibernating in your room the whole day for as long as possible. But if you’re really interested in burning those calories, I strongly advise you to grab those workout clothes and head for the gym!

Take advantage of having a gym in the Sports Center/ Field House! They're free for us as students and within walking distance. 

2.) Make a schedule.

If you fail to plan, you’re definitely planning to fail. I didn’t say that—someone famous did! And if you are planning not to fail at this fitness thing, it’s important that you make a schedule.

 From one extremely busy college student to another, I understand how tedious this can be. But if you want to get fit, you’ve got to make a schedule and stick to it. It’s all about finding what works best for you.  

On a side note, PLEASE don’t try to do too much all at once. Doing too much will give room for the seeds of discouragement to grow. Start with small steps of progress and build up from there. 

Here’s what a week of working out looks for me, no thanks to my gym-rate roommate:



Arm Day

Leg Day

Set 1


Chair triceps dips

Side extensions

Set 1


Side leg raises

Fire hydrants

Set 2


Side Plank


Set 2


Leg Lifts

Scissor kicks

3.) Pick clothes that inspire.

“No Pain, No Gain”

“Beast Mode”

“Don’t Just Sit There”

“Running for Coffee”

Why do these look familiar? They are all common sayings you’ll find on workout clothes. 

There’s just something about a tee printed with motivational words that keeps you going! So bite the bullet and invest in some inspirational exercise clothes. They might just be what keeps you going on that long workout routine.

4.) Ditch the coffee, drink more water.

This one is particularly hard for me since my love for coffee knows no bounds. But here’s my resolution: for every 24 oz. of coffee that I drink, I match it with 20 oz. of water. This helps to create balance. So far, this resolution is a work in progress. 

What about you? Do you struggle to put down enough water each day? Try adding fruit to spice it up! This helps me to look forward to my water breaks.

5.) Find a buddy.

Remember, iron sharpens iron. 

When it comes to your workouts, find someone who shares your goals. Remember, the purpose is to hold each other accountable, and (of course) encourage each other. 

For me, my roommates Alyssa and Estefania are my hype and sweat buddies. 

6.) Take your diet seriously.

Imagine pouring water into a leaking jar. No matter how often you fill it, the job will never get done until the hole is fixed.

That’s exactly how it is when I exercise and binge. Eating junk food and neglecting the healthy lines at Four Winds will hold you back on your journey to being fit.

7.) Track your progress.

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate our small triumphs when it comes to exercising. We get so focused on the final result that the process means little or nothing to us. 

A fitness app is a great way to stay accountable and track the progress you’ve made! You’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come without realizing it.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed using the Nike Run Club and Nike Training App. They’re free on both iPhones and Androids. Also, they have personalized plans. Check them out! 

8.) Reward yourself.

What’s the benefit of all this is if you don’t reward yourself every now and then? Rewards can be a great motivator! It’s important to understand that getting good results is a marathon—not a sprint. So celebrate your small victories, and reward yourself for working hard.

Personally, I indulge in an extra coffee on the weekends if I’ve been “good” all week long. Just remember, don’t reward yourself so much that you sabotage the whole purpose of working out! 

Now, I’m not an exercise guru. I’m just a girl trying to stay fit while juggling the chaos of college life. But tell me, do you work out at college? Share your best fitness tip in the comments below! 

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