What Not to Ask a Nursing Student

There are numerous ways to start conversations with people on the streets of PCC. After the usual questions, such as “So, what’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” it seems absolutely natural for people to ask, "So what’s your major?"

When they hear nursing, most people think something like the picture below represents nursing majors all. The. Time.

It is us sometimes—but isn’t every major like that sometimes?

Read on for some popular questions to give you a glimpse inside that nursing-major life.

Q: Are you an early morning person?

You know, as much as I try to act brave I refuse to be a testament to that. My friends with early morning clinical can testify to the fact that 5:45 a.m. is too early to function—and somehow we still find a way to do it. (Not that we necessarily deserve a medal for it, but us “forced” early birds just do what we have to do.)

Q: Do you want to hang out?

You mean go to the Sports Center and play ping pong all night? Erm, give me a minute. . . Let me go through the stack of my practice questions, clinical paperwork, tests, and quizzes and I will get back to you at the end of the semester. . .  

On a serious note, we do hang out. Some of us have found that perfect balance between living life and making it in nursing school. Personally, I am still trying to figure it out! 😉

Q: So I feel kinda sick this morning, can you tell me what medication to take?

Believe me, I am sad that you don’t feel all right. BUT I am not at liberty to tell you what to take. Plus, I’m a student just like you. Sorry!

FYI nursing students can’t prescribe medication. Even real-life nurses can’t. 

Q: If nursing is too much work, why not go to medical school instead?

I don’t know either. Maybe I just like the nursing stress way too much?

Q: Do you have to get a 4.0 GPA or something?

The Lord has not called us to be mediocre, but no, you don’t.  

 Now you have the answers to 5 of the most popular questions for nursing majors! Of course, I don’t speak for every nursing major, but most of my buddies have been asked these a lot.

Was this post relatable? Do you have similar stories?  Am I being dramatic? Let me know in the comments section before you leave!

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