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Personal Testimony: Organizing Overload!

The following is a personal testimony of how time management gave me one of the best semesters so far at PCC—also it's pretty long. Reader discretion and attention span is advised. Batteries not included.

Most of you probably don't remember “Stay Classy.” That's ok; here's a link:

While the newbs read that blog post, you are probably wondering if it really works. If graphs and spreadsheets bore you—get used to it 'cause there is going to be a high number of five of them.

In “Stay Classy,” I talked about getting organized by making a schedule and managing time. I want to be transparent and show you my schedule from the first semester I tried this.



Your first response, “WOW—THAT'S SO COLORFUL!” I know. I know it's a lot.

Are you done enjoying the “world of color” before you? Good. Now on to explanations. Yes, I planned it to the minute. That's the point. By dividing my subjects into little blocks, I effectively prioritized which subjects needed more studying.

In fact, having a visual aid of how I'm spending my time drastically helped. The mind is an infinite abyss of memes and academics—why would one store a schedule there? That's what the cloud database is for!

The graphs below are a little out of proportion (especially the dips!). An accurate representation of the graphs would be to cover up the first quarter of that graph when the grades started trending upward. Your hands will represent when I first started using a schedule.

As you can see, my grades started trending up! Yes, there are some dips; nobody is perfect; I had some rough tests. The point is this: classes that needed heavy studying were being heavily studied. That showed on the positive slopes of the graphs. Homework was now being done early so that I was not stressed the night before nor the morning of.

“Did you have a social life?” The answer is a dramatic yes! The blank spaces, the “breaks,” were times I used to either nap or catch up with friends. In fact, lunch and dinner were definite times I tried to meet with my friends—this required me to put my phone down *cough cough*. Granted, I spent less time with friends, but the quality of time we spent seems to have improved—especially when the phone is put down *cough cough*. Sorry my asthma was acting up.

What are you saying, Remmel? All I'm saying is this: time invested is directly proportional to your grade—more time = better grades. If you have struggled (like me), get organized now. Allocate time where it's needed—in Bible talk: “Redeeming the time.” In the future, get organized as soon as possible; that way, it's easier to add extracurricular activities without drowning in work.

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