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We Made It!

If you didn't guess by the title, we made it! The opening bustle of a New Year is done, and yet another of our semesters is well underway. (And believe it or not, we're alive!)  We're back with our friends, starting to get into the rhythm of our schedules, and hopefully will be seeing the weather warm up really soon! In a sense, it seems like our college lives, like everything else in the spring, have been reborn. Plus, only a few short months stand between us and summer break. (And for some of us, graduation!) Goodness, isn't the spring an exciting time?

As we begin this semester, I also love being able to look back to last semester and see how God led me over those months. So many times it seemed like my responsibilities would overwhelm me, and yet they didn't. So many times I was discouraged and almost lost heart, and yet I didn't give up. But let me say, I really can't take any credit for any of that. I honestly didn't have the strength to get through that semester . . . but God did. I owe everything to Him. He gave me the strength to keep fighting till the end. He comforted me, He encouraged me, and most importantly, He never abandoned me. He really is amazing!

Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw God's hand working last semester. In fact, He's constantly at work in every one of our lives. Isn't that incredible? That being said, as we go into this season of new beginnings, let's try to take a little time to reflect on how God has brought us to where we are. Let's thank Him for all He's done for us. And remember, if He's led us this far, He surely can lead us the rest of the way!

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