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Decisions, Decisions

The spring semester has begun! I go back to my first post when I asked, what’s next? Well, for everyone it's new classes, and some are thinking about finding a job for the future, too. I’m dealing with this job search along with some other big decisions. Something that has stuck with me when I make decisions is my dad’s response to a recent change of heart. I approached him and told him I wanted to go to trade school after college. He heard me out and helped me think it through, but he soon saw how much I beat around the bush and eventually said, “You’re just going to have buckle down and get serious and make some real decisions.”

At first I thought, “Thanks, Dad, real encouraging.” But I needed it. Since then, my demeanor has transformed, and his words ring in my thoughts every time I’m faced with a decision. I’ve combined it with other principles I’ve learned, and here are those principles:

  • Find your convictions. Find out what God says in His Guidebook. Keep an eye out for His words that prick your thoughts and make sense to you. Cut through the generalized phrases some Christians use, and take things personally and realistically. The most influential thoughts I’ve come across have come from discussions with friends, class lectures, and yes, even sermons that I’ve taken to heart.
  • Seek God. I’ve had those lows, where you feel hopeless and clueless, and lately I’ve been driven to God by the nature of the lows. God is always there and ready to take you as you are; you don’t have to meet some standard. Pour your heart out to God. Tell Him how you feel and what you think about it. Ask Him for real, tangible guidance and for a real desire to seek Him.

Use your time at college to develop yourself and your convictions. In this era of political correctness, I think of the “double minded man” of the Bible. No one seems to find any truth any more, and so many are so indecisive. Society is scrounging for truth all the time, but you’ve been placed in an environment that overflows with truth: either PCC, your church, or your Christian home. Use that truth, use those protective standards, and use that relationship with God to find your absolutes.

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