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A Little Extra Time to Be Thankful

It’s November, a time of papers, projects, and…pumpkin pie? When you’re in college, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s coming due. It makes the rest of the semester feel like relatively easy cruising, and then suddenly you’re going over the river and through the woods.  For reference, right before writing this I was stress-writing a Bible paper at the last minute.

However, in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, we have an awesome new opportunity this year—extra breaks! We just got an extra free Friday for Veteran’s Day and will soon have off the Friday for Thanksgiving. While I won’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving, I am fortunate enough that my dad can come visit me here. Whether you’re traveling home or to a friend’s house or even staying on campus, just take a little time to be thankful for a little time.

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