A Force Stronger than Coffee

A long time ago in a college far far away . . .

Project season is here! After chugging all those liters of coffee and calling your home churches to pray for you during midterms, project season has arrived!

But before we get into that, Breathe. Take this moment to recollect the shards of your mind and—wait I seem to have lost something!

Oh no! This is something that not even coffee could fix! Do you know what it is? I seem to have lost my motivation.

At this point in the semester, all we college students want is to be back home. Maybe you lost your motivation at the beginning of the semester. Maybe you've Snapped, posted, or tweeted #sodone or “I’m so done.” Cue the plethora of emojis.

Well, can I give some practical tips on finding that motivation back? After all, once project season ends, finals are just over the hilltop (sorry to burst your bubble).

1.) Take a break

Sometimes that’s all it takes. One day off, just not thinking. Eat some sushi, pet some puppies at a nearby pet store, or go to the beach. Take a break to just refocus and redial.

2.) Remember your motives

Why are you here? Maybe college wasn’t what you expected. You’re ready to throw in the towel. Don’t! Remember you’re not training for a job but rather for God’s calling in your life.

It’s time to get back in the ring! Go to the pet store and pet the puppies! Refocus your motives and find that motivation!

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