Hungering for More Than a Meal

I don’t know about you, but I have enjoyed listening to Pastor Kurtz this week! His Wednesday evening message beat me to the chase, though; I had been preparing a post about conflict and what you can do about it, but I guess better him than me to deliver it.

I’d like to add a little something to your thoughts, however. Conflict resolution is imperative, and the peace that comes after it is irreplaceable. But take it one step further and initiate positive relationships. In other words, what are you doing to encourage those around you?

There are thousands on campus and in town that are craving encouragement like a hungry man craves a meal. Maybe you’re one of them who is searching for encouragement. In either case, you can still reach out to others, and in the end you’ll find pleasure in it. The more effort you invest in something or someone (in this case those around you), the more you’ll find you care about them.

Borrowing a quote from Pastor McBride, “What are you doing to minister to the Jerusalem you’ve been placed in?”

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