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After my post about going the extra mile, I had some questions about point #2. In that point, I said, “if you’re like me and have extra time,” and I had some ask me, “Where do you find extra time? I’m always busy!” Well here are some of my thoughts about finding and making more time for the things that matter. (If you haven’t noticed, I like lists.)

1.) Start off right.

Start your semester, your week, and your day off right. Plan times for homework and studying into your registration schedule. Be generous, too, because things will rarely go as planned. Plan classes during times you’re tempted to nap (instead of homework) and plan around times it’s easy for you to skip (“no-no!”).

2.) Learn to say no.

This can apply to the beach as much as it can your phone. It doesn’t even have to be “no.” Just setting a time limit and actually sticking to it can be helpful. Don’t be afraid to say no to friends or leave after dinner if you know they’ll distract you. Try to put a stop to going to the beach and coming back “whenever.” The beach will be there forever. Trust me, I live here. Decide to go to the second half of the game rather than the entire thing. These are just some ideas.

3.) Don’t overwhelm yourself.

This means you don’t bring out five quizzes, a test, a paper, and a speech to work on when you have an hour free. Divide up your time and take it easy; work on one thing at a time. Also, if you have a lot of quiz reading material or outside reading, read at night rather than sitting on your phone. Learn to relax when you read rather than depending on something else to relax you. Read two pages of quiz material every few hours rather than fifteen pages of HI 101 all at once. Read a chapter or two of your outside reading at night instead of checking Facebook.

4.)  Look for patterns and pockets of time.

Maybe you see that same girl every Tuesday and Thursday who’s so easy to talk to, so this week take a different route! Figure out when you eat lunch by yourself and take advantage of the time to do homework. Look for times you have ten minutes free for a quick recap of your notes. Looking for these pockets can make or break your grades.

Not all of these points can apply to everyone. Not everyone’s schedule can totally compare to my 16 credits, 17 work hours, girlfriend time, and two hours of One Accord per week. These pointers can definitely help you, but it’s you that ultimately knows your schedule best.

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