Find Your Passion

So…it’s after midterms. Right now, you probably feel some combination of fear, panic, stress, and sleep-deprivation. A lot of us have probably asked ourselves (or our roommates) why we do this. What is the point of midterms? Why are we in all these classes?

Okay, I don’t have answers for all those questions. But you do. You know why you take these classes—God gave you a passion.

For me, I had to find my passion last semester by talking to my mother. I was asking her why in the world I was taking Advanced Calculus, and she asked me, “Is this still what’s right for you?” I concluded that yes, it is, and I know why.

Mathematics is amazing, beautiful, and breathtaking; it is a strange new world with unending frontiers. It describes the physical universe in a remarkably accurate way. It is mathematics that shows us how the orchestra sounds a masterpiece on Sundays—every note played by each instrument can be described by a combination of sinusoidal functions. It is mathematics that describes the freshman English paper you wrote—every word follows a pattern that mathematically describes the frequency of words in all human languages. Mathematics goes beyond the bounds of physical interpretation. It is purely logical, bringing conjecture to truth based on established truths. Yet somehow, it is also emotional. It is mathematics that shows us that every moment counts—every moment is an infinity of moments bound together in a function of time. And it is mathematics that tells us that there are infinities within infinities, all between 0 and 1. Mathematics is crazy and a challenge to understand, but it is a gift of God to man for us to enjoy and discover His character. This is my passion.

So yes, you just took midterms and still have finals to take, but they are part of your journey. Enjoy your passion, whatever it may be, and study diligently to honor God for giving you that desire. What is your Advanced Calculus? What makes you passionate? Is it a specific class, a particular subject, or the next step on your trip to wherever you're aiming to go? Please comment to let us know!

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