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Froyo and Fun

What could be cooler than some awesome frozen yogurt? (Cool? Frozen? See what I did there?) Going to go get froyo with your collegian! I’m in the Kappa Omega Rho Warhawks, established 2014. Yeah, we’re one of the new kids on the block, but we’re pretty fly. (Again, hawk, fly. You know you love this.) As a collegian group activity, just about every semester we go to Wild Honey for some fun relaxation and bonding time with the best froyo around. It’s a chance to get off campus a little bit and not think about homework 24/7. Also, an added fun benefit is that if you have more than ten people from your collegian involved in an activity off campus, you get collegian points! It’s a win-win. Sweet cultured goodness, collegian points. Do it guys.

Tell us about what your collegian has done for any group activities! Comment below to give us some more awesome ideas.

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