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If you take a look through my archived posts, you'll see that I really enjoyed Concert on the Green last year. Sitting outside in the fading light while listening to excellent music is so much fun, and the concert has quickly become one of my favorite campus events. This year, not only did I get to watch it, but I also had the opportunity to sing "I'm Proud to be an American" with One Accord at the conclusion of the program. It's definitely exciting getting a chance to jump from being spectator to participant!

If you are unfamiliar with One Accord, they are an ensemble of men who sing at various campus events. My friend Remmel wrote about being a part of this group last semester. I joined the group this semester, and I love being able to use my voice to the glory of God!

While One Accord is not for everyone (you kinda have to be a guy to be in it), there are many other music groups you can be a part of on campus! College Choir is open to any student, and there's a host of other choirs, ensembles, and small music groups across campus. And it's not just singing! There are tons of opportunities to use your instruments to the glory of God. Harp, violin, viola, trumpet, flute, piano--the list goes on and on. And even if you aren't trained on any instrument but would like to learn, the college offers a host of classes so that you can! In short - the opportunities are nearly endless.

So as you can see, there are many different ways you can use your musical talents here at PCC to honor God. I encourage you to take the initiative and use your talents for Him. After all, music is one of the greatest gifts that He's given us. Why don't we take those talents and make them one of the greatest gifts we can give back to Him?

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