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The Extra Mile

So midterms are over! Now, be real with me for a minute. Looking back, how much effort did you put into studying? How much effort did you put into your performances, your verses, or your projects?

Flashback to freshman year, and you’ll find me hardly putting out anything. I’d cram for verse quizzes and glance over notes for tests on the way. Between these habits and the frequent “oh I’ve got 10 more minutes to sleep,” my grades struggled.

That was freshman year; fast forward to junior year, and you’d see I’ve learned an important principle: going the extra mile. Are you going the extra mile? Are you doing your honest best? Here are a few tips:

1.) You’ve got to deny yourself a few things you like.

This is a tough one. But it’s as simple as going to bed ten minutes earlier so you can get up earlier to go over notes one last time. Perhaps doing homework before your nap so you don’t sleep too long. The more you do this, the more motivated you’ll be when your grades go up.

2.) Use your time wisely.

Whether you decide to do homework rather than something you want, or you’re like me and just have extra time, try to do things to use it wisely. If you’ve got 20 minutes free between classes, glance over your material for the next quiz. Divide up your free time so you can comprehend things you’re studying. Write note cards in the few minutes before video chapel. There are plenty of things to do here to use your time wisely.

3.) Don’t get comfortable.

I was reading in a devotional book recently, and the author was talking about how frequently Christians are faced with failures shortly after a great victory! He reminded me to stay busy and don’t get comfortable with your successes. How can you apply this to your academic schedule? When you’re done with homework and ready for your next tests, but you’ve got some extra time, use that time wisely. Are there any projects you can get a head start on?

4.) Actually pay attention in class.

Sitting up and at least keeping up with the PowerPoint makes a world of difference when you study, and teachers could tell you stories of students who made dumb mistakes because they weren’t listening. If you must find something to do to stay awake, rewrite your class notes in a simpler fashion or make highlights in your textbook. Make the most of the education you’re paying for!

Now, doing a little extra doesn’t mean doing homework and studying every free moment; it just means putting forth your best effort with the time you have. Doing this on a regular basis is a satisfyingly valuable habit. It brings peace, gets your priorities in order, and God does bless it. Have you tried your best?

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