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Our Spiritual Strength

Hey guys! We're now a few weeks into the semester, and I hope you've been able to get settled in and adjusted to your new schedule!

While each of our schedules varies greatly, there are still a few things that each of us should still make time for:

1.) Sleeping

Now, some might need less of it than others, but you'll most likely never make it through the semester if you don't take at least some time to sleep.

2.) Eating

Food = Energy; Energy = Focus; Focus = Good Grades! We all want that, don't we? Besides, the body begins shutting down after only a few days without eating anything.

3.) Breathing

Hey, it might sound like a trivial thing, but did you know you can start having serious health problems if you stop breathing for only a few minutes? Definitely not something you'd want to take lightly!

Okay, I hope that you’re already planning to do all of these things throughout this semester. They’re kind of obvious, right? If we don’t properly take care of our physical bodies, they stop being able to function properly.

Just as we each need to take care of our physical bodies, we also need to take care of our spiritual ones. Though we so often tend to forget about them, our spiritual bodies need just as much nourishment and care as our physical ones do. To help keep our spiritual selves strong, here are a few things we should make time for throughout the semester:

1.) Time alone with God

Even just a few minutes spent acknowledging God as your Lord and Savior can make all the difference in your day.

2.) Bible reading

A daily reading from God’s Word is crucial to finding God’s will for your life and getting to know Him better.

3.) Prayer

It’s easy to think of this as non-essential, but by not praying, we lose our best connection we have to God. It’s been said that a Christian should pray as often as he breathes.

Just like it's our choice to provide for our physical bodies, it's also our choice to provide for our spiritual ones. Now, it won't always be easy, but if we by faith trust in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ to lead us every step of the way, we each can grow as Christians more than we ever imagined! So whether you're new to the college or a returning student, this is your chance to have the best spiritual year of your life. I encourage you to have courage, and take the first step in strengthening your spiritual body!

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