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Awkward Is Awesome

The words awkward and awesome rarely belong together in the same sentence, right? Wrong. When was the last time something great came from you just looking at your phone while waiting for your friends because you didn't want to appear awkward while standing there? Exactly.

I was first introduced to this sentence while working at a camp a few summers ago. My fellow camp counselor said it often when something unexpected happened. (If you have ever been a camp counselor, then you know that I heard it a few hundred times a day!)

It took me a few days of hearing "Awkward is awesome!" to finally dissect the phrase and understand what he meant. Inside our comfort zone, we are, well, comfortable. When the unexpected happens, we are given the opportunity to grow and change for the better. You can always find good in every single, possibly unfortunate, situation if your attitude is right.

We are so stuck on planning, scheduling, studying, eating, sleeping, and socializing that we often miss opportunities that are right in front of us. It would be so much easier to just stay in our comfort zone and focus only on our goals. Instead, talk to that person with you in the elevator, ask someone to eat lunch with you, look up from your phone, and seek opportunities to help someone someone out. Awkward situations and new experiences can lead to great things. Even though something may be awkward, give it a chance to turn it into something awesome.

College happens only once.

Step out. Make new friends. Share memories.

Remember, awkward is awesome.

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