Future Students

Are You Ready?

“Hey, so are you ready for the fall?” ...Did you just cringe? I know when I was an incoming freshman, that was the last question I wanted to hear. There are two possible answers to that well-meant, but difficult question:

1: “Yeah, I'm totally ready! No doubts, no hesitations, no anxiety whatsoever.”

2: “Actually, I'm scared to death, so please don't remind me that this summer is flying by quicker than I previously anticipated.”

Wait a second. I think there could be a third and optimal answer, don't you?

3: “Yes! I'm excited about college. Sure, every new experience carries with it a little worry, but although I may not be completely ready, I'm prepared.”

Let's face it. Change is hard. For many of us college students, we tried something brand new this summer, whether it be a new job, a missions trip, or a camp ministry. In any new area, we may not be completely ready for what's coming, but we strive to be prepared. Training, researching, and praying are the best ways to be prepared for the next step God has for you.

So if college is the next chapter in your life, don't be afraid that you don't feel 100% ready. I hope you've done your research about college life, and I hope you are seriously praying about coming in the fall. If you have been, you're well on your way to being prepared for college!

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