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Get Your Gloves On

When I first came to college, I had no idea what White Glove even was. For those who don't know, White Glove is a deep cleaning of the entire residence hall two times each semester.

So after about ten White Gloves, my friends and I compiled a list of helpful tips to get your cleaning done quickly and thoroughly, "without murmuring and complaining!"

  1. Do your room jobs well. You'd be surprised how much easier a deep clean is if you've kept up with clutter, dust, and soap scum all along the way. Cleaning the shower every week makes your final cleaning only a little bit more involved than every other time.
  2. Start early. If you have time a day or two before, be sure to pick up any clutter, put clothes away, and get as much off the floor as possible. This makes dusting and vacuuming so much quicker for White Glove night.
  3. Use the right supplies. Sure, that cheap cleaner has some good advertising, but what will really get the job done? Here's what I've found to work well--the first time.
    1. Dish soap. This stuff is not just for dishes. I've cleaned my shower with dish soap for years and it gets that soap scum off with minimal elbow grease. I've also used it on the floor--be careful, you create your own slip n' slide. Another great use for dish soap is actually the mirror. Better than regular glass cleaner, a wet microfiber cloth with a drop of dish soap does the job with no streaks or dust lines.
    2. Socks. See, in college, we just learn really unique uses for everything. A sock is perfect for wiping down the blinds without spreading dust on everything else. You can use a sock to wipe down most of the horizontal surfaces, saving you more cleaner and about 82 paper towels.
    3. Magic Erasers. I was always a skeptical child, watching cleaning commercials and explaining to my mom how fake they were. So when my roommate pulled out her beloved magic erasers, I rolled my eyes...until they cleaned the floor better than anything I had ever used! A wet magic eraser on white tile is a beautiful thing and also saves a ton of elbow grease.
    4. Washing Machine. Wash all your towels, linens, and shower curtain (not together!). You can get rid of any mildew without scrubbing.

These are just a few helpful tips that make White Glove successful and much less stressful. So when you're ending the semester and packing up for summer break, go ahead and make this White Glove the best yet!

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