Why Life Works

Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics-- the science of theory. While physics does comprise laws, physics exists for the purpose of theory--or why things happen.

After high school, I believed that physics was merely algebra and trigonometry in action--nay nay. If you believe that, don't! It's a trap!

Physics is the foundation of all sciences. Without physics, atoms would explode, meaning chemicals would explode, meaning humans explode! #deductivereasoning

In the classroom, we delve into logical and deep discussions about how life works from the physical mindset. From basic kinematics to complex circuits--we cover it all in a school year. Dr. Ridgley (my professor) is passionate about what he teaches and has a heart for his students to learn and succeed in his class. My favorite part is when he connects physics to biology. Those moments are truly mind blowing. By the way-- shout out to all those students who had Dr. Ridgley as an A Beka video teacher.

I recently asked my professor why he loved physics as much as Newton did. Dr. Ridgley made the following comment: "I love studying physics because it is the foundational science to all of life that God has created in His universe. Without the laws of physics your heart would not beat; you would not be able to drive a car; you would not even be able to walk."

Although class is interesting, it does not compare to lab (sorry Dr. Ridgley). Yes--class is engaging, but I'm more of a hands-on learner. Once a week, we also meet in a lab where we put what we've learned in lecture to action (shout out to my lab instructor Miss Lara). I've had countless experiences when I was stuck on a concept from the book, but lab brought it all together. As a junior Biology major, I've had my share of labs, from working with toxic chemicals in chemistry to cutting open a shark in Zoology. But they don't compare to Physics lab. Only in this lab, we shoot spring loaded cannons, redirect lasers, and super-heat metal cylinders. Sounds pretty a'ight-- amma right?

Overall, physics is a nice detour from all the biology and chemistry I have to take. The class is straightforward, and the labs are fantabulous.

This post is dedicated to one of the most passionate teachers I know--Dr. Ridgley

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