What I Never Expected from Bible Club

When I first joined Johnson Avenue Bible Club, I expected to be pushing swings, telling Bible lessons, playing tag, and losing miserably at our basketball games. I even expected to make friends with the leaders and children and to find a place where I could fit in serving God.

I expected all that stuff.

It’s the other part of Bible club that I never expected, yet it changed my life forever.
I definitely didn’t expect the little children who attended each week to become my children. Even now as I write, I know that I have only two more short weeks to influence their lives before I graduate and move on, and the very thought of leaving behind my children makes me cry.

I know that I love those kids so much, but every week I am surprised by their love for me. I didn’t expect one little girl to save the chair next to her during the lesson saying, “I want Miss Gloria to sit here by me.” I didn’t expect my eyes to fill with standing tears as a little boy begged for me to be the one who pushed him "higher and higher" on the swing. I didn’t expect to cry laughing as I tried to teach a three-year-old how to hula hoop. And I didn’t expect to learn more about God than I was teaching the children.

But somehow it happened, and now every Sunday afternoon, I sit on the swing with two young girls whose legs still don’t touch the ground as they eat their afternoon snack. I sigh because I know I can touch their lives for only two more weeks, and then my role in their eternal destinies will be finished. And I must reconcile with myself that I gave them everything God expected me to give. Suddenly my Sunday afternoons don’t seem like enough.

And I never expected to feel that way.

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