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The Clock Is Ticking

Have you ever watched the sunrise on the beach? I have witnessed the sun rising plenty of times, but I rarely take the time to watch that giant fiery ball wake up the world. But last week, my mom took my sister, friend and me to Pensacola Beach at 6:30 in the morning to take a relaxing walk on the beach and watch the day begin.

I'll be the first to admit the waking up at 5:30 part was awful. My tired brain was coaxing, "Sam, this is not worth it. Go back to bed." I fought the temptation with thoughts of coffee, grabbed my phone and sunglasses, and trooped out of the door.

As soon as we started the drive, the pale horizon began to melt into the darkness of the sky, with only enough light to change everything into sharp silhouettes. We parked, kicked off our shoes, and jumped onto.... the ice cold sand! Before the sun warmed it up, it really felt like snow on our bare feet. Teeth chattering, we began to walk toward the pier, facing the pinkish glow in the east.

We were busy admiring shells and watching the sea gulls when all of a sudden, the bright red sun began to show itself over the gulf. I quickly pulled out my phone for pictures, but the camera couldn't do it justice. I stood there, awed by the fact that I could literally watch it growing bigger and bigger, moving higher every second. My friend remarked how funny it was that the sun moved at the same speed throughout the day, but we never even notice it.

Our time here is just like the sunrise. Sometimes it seems like it's flying (we must be having fun:), but other times it just slowly ticks the day away. Our fickle thoughts go from "When will this be over!" to "Where has the time gone?" in the matter of a moment. The Bible says, "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

By simply watching the sunrise at the beach, I was reminded to use my time wisely since it never stops. At PCC, we are over halfway through with this semester, and we need time for papers, projects, and everything else. Many of us are already "number[ing] our days" until summer break. Those days are coming, I promise! But right now, use your time wisely to get those projects done and to finish the semester strong!

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