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If you walked through the Commons last week, you probably noticed the Shoe Drive going on, sponsored by the freshman class. Yes, I expected to see lots of shoes over there, but I wanted to know exactly what the class was doing with all those shoes. I took the opportunity to ask Ariana Balka, freshman class secretary, a few questions about their project.

Ariana explained that the freshman class partnered with Soles For Jesus, an organization that distributes shoes all over Africa, and collected over 600 pairs of shoes in just two days. Volunteers stayed in the Commons to rubber band gently used shoes to box up and ship out.

Why do you think a shoe drive is beneficial for the freshman class?

"First, it’s not just beneficial for the freshmen. We opened up our class project to the entire student body so that everyone could be involved. I also think it helps build unity between our class and the rest of the student body as a whole."

What do you think is the importance of this project?

"I think the shoe drive was a great project because even though it’s not hard or very involved, you can still make a huge difference. All we had to do was check thrift stores or our own closets for old shoes and then donate them. In America we don’t realize how blessed we are and how needy others are--this project is eye opening for sure.

“It’s not just about the shoes; we’re giving the gospel too. We’re trying to meet both spiritual and physical needs of those around the world.” (When distributing shoes, Soles for Jesus takes the opportunity to pass out tracts and witness to those who receive the shoes. By filling such an important need in the lives of others, they are able to open the door and share the Good News as well.)

The full boxes of rubber-banded shoes and the enthusiasm of the freshman class encouraged me. Their shoe drive was just one of the many class service projects and ministry opportunities to get involved in at PCC. Upcoming, the student body missions project will be underway... but that's a different blog post for a later date.

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