Mold Me, Make Me, Use Me

All of us have gifts and talents that God has given us, and some of them are rather unique. We may not even know how our particular talent can be “used by God.” (Like those of you that wonder how your board game passion can possibly be spiritual.)  One faculty member showed us how you can use your gifts for God. This February, Bible faculty Dr. Karl Stelzer presented a sermon mini-series in chapel entitled “Going Down to the Potter’s House.” In this series, Dr. Stelzer used an interesting object lesson—he demonstrated the truths found in the book of Jeremiah with his skill as a potter. It struck me that Dr. Stelzer happened to have the knowledge of pottery that made the story of God sending Jeremiah to the potter’s house so relatable and understandable.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree as a Bible/Religion major, Dr. Stelzer had a friend that was a business major who enjoyed making pottery. He recommended that Dr. Stelzer take pottery for his free elective. He became so skilled that he became a department assistant and was eventually contacted to teach in the art association. Since his introduction to pottery, Dr. Stelzer has used his talents as a professional potter to give object lessons at over forty churches and conferences to help communicate the truths of God’s Word in a hands-on way. One thing that Dr. Stelzer told me personally that really struck me was that he asks himself, “What else can I do? How can I improve?” What a wonderful testimony Dr. Stelzer has in using his God-given talents!

What unique skills has God given you? Some of you can sign ASL, some of you can do great skits with puppets, some of you can hold children’s attention spans (bless!), and some of you can be gentle and patient with the elderly. Go out and use your gifts!

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
—1 Corinthians 10:31

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