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4 Things You Need to Know about Presidential Prerogative

1. It’s awesome, so enjoy it.
Remember that this special day of rest comes only once a year. It’s like Christmas (except without all the waking up early craziness).

2. It’s Dr. Shoemaker’s prerogative.
That big fancy word means he doesn’t have to give it to us, so we need to be extra thankful that he chooses to.

3. It’s crazy hard to spell.
Speaking of big fancy words, I feel like this one could be the tie-breaker for a spelling bee.

4. And the doughnuts are extra.
Yeah, that’s a Shoemaker Special. Way back when, the free day was just that—a free day. Now we get doughnuts thrown in, and boy, do we feel special (and high on sugar).

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