College Life

Dear College Fam,

A thank you note to the “Mom,” “Brother,” “Crazy Uncle,” “Cousin,” “Grandma,” “Insane Aunt,” and the rest of the family that I didn’t know I had until I met you all in college.

  1. Thank you for the countless (mis)adventures

“If a trip goes exactly as planned, you obviously are living your life a tad too comfortably.” You have helped me to realize that even though we may get “stranded” somewhere or feel like something bad is going to come from this, tomorrow we will be laughing about it. Plus, we will have the memory forever.

  1. Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging when I randomly see you

Your weird comments/faces or obnoxious ways of getting my attention when my nose is buried in my phone between classes are my favorite. You don’t know how much I appreciate those “hellos” that leave me smiling for the rest of the afternoon.

  1. Thank you for the sporadic coffee/ice cream/burrito trips

So, I’m pretty sure our friendship is 95% based on food and how we are going to obtain it. Here’s to not checking our bank accounts for a few days after studying in cozy coffee shops, talking over Chinese food, or stuffing our mouths with burritos.

  1. Thank you for being supportive of every. single. life plan I have come up with

Between new workout ideas, running plans, and attempting to eat healthy, thank you for always being up for it and encouraging me. Or when I threaten to buy an island and adopt all the puppies at the Humane Society…

  1. Thank you for laughing at me/with me

Remember all those times when we couldn’t stop laughing? Yeah, I don’t either because there are wayyyyy too many for my brain to recollect, but please know that I treasure your smiles.

  1. Thank you for reminding me of my worth

We have spent entire evenings talking about “those people” who didn’t treat us the way that they should have. Thank you for crying with me over tubs of ice cream. Thank you for reminding me that worth is found in Christ. Thank you for reminding me that I am strong and that I am important no matter who makes me feel like I’m not.

  1. Thank you for just being you

Without you, I may actually get the proper amount of studying done. Without you, I may be skinnier. Without you, I may be able to get a project done a month ahead of time. But without you, I’m definitely not me.

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