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Prayer without Borders

Hey guys! If you remember in my last blog post, I had said that this semester I wanted to focus on praying more. Well, I’m happy to report that I have seen a small growth in prayer in my life. It still isn’t nearly what I would like it to be, but it’s encouraging to find that I do indeed know that I have the time to pray just long as I make the time to pray. And as I said before, PCC has many fantastic prayer opportunities.

For this post, I’d like you to come with me in your minds to the third floor of the MacKenzie Building here on campus. It’s a Thursday evening, and while many are busy preparing for another day of classes, a small group of students has taken time out of their busy schedule to pray for those proclaiming Christ’s name through the earth. I’m speaking, of course, of Mission Prayer Band.

Now, if you’re a student here, you’ve almost certainly heard of Mission Prayer Band. But just in case you’re not familiar with MPB, let me give you a brief summary—it’s a time set aside for students to come and quietly pray for the many missionaries scattered around the world. Missionary prayer letters are available from every corner of the earth, allowing students to focus their prayers on the particular needs of those who have given their lives to the sole purpose of leading others to Christ.

When I asked Joseph Hodges, president of MPB, why he thought that this prayer time was important, he told me—

“While in college, we can get so focused on classes that we forget how important prayer is, in general, and specifically for missions. MPB lets us get our focus off ourselves. I like what Lamentations 3:51 says: ‘Mine eye affecteth mine heart.’ By attending MPT, this verse comes to life. MPB can enlighten you about who and what you can pray for, and it helps you be specific in your prayers.”

I believe that prayer for missionaries is an essential part of effective praying, and although I can’t make it to Mission Prayer Band every week, I still try to set aside time to pray for them.

So here’s my second challenge for you. Why don’t you, like me, take some time this week and pray for those sharing Christ around the world? It might seem small, but every prayer can make a much bigger difference than you or I may ever realize!

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