They Really Do Care

If you’re anything like me, before you came to PCC, you had visions of college professors being seven-foot-tall fire-breathing dragons who bled red ink and ate freshmen for a light midday snack. Okay, maybe not quite that drastic, but you were still probably intimidated by the prospect of having college professors in college classes.

Okay, step one to humanization—parents. No, I’m not referring to your parents (probably), but campus parents. While campus parents can be either faculty or staff, I have a campus parent who has been a professor here since the college started. Far from being the scariest person ever, she has been very welcoming to me. She’s been there to make sure I’m all right, to ask me about my semester, and to show me the sights and sounds of Pensacola. While everybody’s experience is different, if you have a campus parent, you guys will find the dynamic that works for you.

Step two—emotions. I know some of you are asking, “Right, great, but what if I didn’t want a campus parent? I’m on my own then?” Well, no, actually: pretty much every faculty member cares for you more than you know. I have an engineering professor that is pretty amazing, one of the most dedicated teachers I know. But no matter what, she takes the time to mention that she loves us as if we were her children. When she prays before class, she often mentions that she loves us and wants us to succeed. It’s so encouraging to hear her say that! I’ve been able to ask my professors things from just general questions on classes to advice on getting an advanced degree. While you will have a different relationship with every professor, there may be some that you will find to be your mentors.

Are your professors fire-breathing dragons of doom? I can pretty much guarantee that they are actually the mentors that will shape your early adult life, and their lessons will stick with you for a long time.

Why do they invest so much time in us? They really do care.

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