A Bug’s Life

Growing up, I hated anything that crawled—except baby mammals and humans (let's clear that up). But I hated bugs, rats, and especially spiders—the workers of Satan himself. I remember spider hunting in the jungles growing up. I would shoot banana spiders at point blank with my airsoft gun.

Yes, I was bored as a child.

When I took Zoology, my whole outlook on bugs changed. The amazing facts, the field studies, and the dissections have changed my perspective on insects, bugs, and arachnids. My Zoology professor is an entomologist—that’s Latin for super-smart about bugs. In class, his passion about bugs was evident, and that passion rubbed off on me. As I took the course, I grew to appreciate all of God’s crawling creatures. If you open a grasshopper, shark, rat, or pigeon, you will see how our awesome Creator designed these creatures. So I highly recommend you take Zoology; it will change your life (results may vary).

This post is dedicated to my awesome Zoology teacher.

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