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While Home for Christmas…

Christmas break is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. Special foods and desserts and peppermint mochas and cuddles from my favorite pet—could it get any better?? Spending time laughing with my whole family playing board games and getting teased relentlessly is just part of the fun.

While it is wonderful to be at home, I do miss college life. (Yeah, I know, you probably think that I’m crazy). I miss running up the four flights of stairs to my best friend’s room to tell her some random exciting news. I miss going to Common Grounds, getting a new flavor of coffee, and deciding with my friend whether we will get it again. I miss the challenges that come with taking a difficult class and the feeling of accomplishment when you finally turn that daunting project in to be graded.

When I first left home for my first year of college, I never thought that I would feel so much a part of anywhere else. But now as a senior, every time that I attend a big event on campus, I always think, “This is the last time I will get to experience this.”

Home is wonderful, and college is wonderful. Basically, enjoy every moment of your life! I hope you are having a marvelous Christmas break!


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