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Showers of… Blessings?

img_6396It was the epitome of a bad day…or was it?

The rain in Florida can certainly be conducive to a grumpy mood, and it’s very easy to start complaining about everything. Maybe you wore the wrong shoes and your feet are soaked. Maybe you ran into someone because you had to hold your umbrella in front of you to shield from the slanted rain. Although there’s always something we can complain about, too often we get wrapped up in the wrong perspective. By hunching under our umbrella, we plod along missing the little joys all around us.

Rainy days can be the perfect time to grab a coffee in the Commons with a friend, or curl up in a fuzzy blanket to study in your room. My personal favorite activity on a rainy day is to sit near a window to read while listening to the rain and thunder. It’s so peaceful!

Sometimes it takes a “bad day” to remind us to have a good perspective and make us thankful for the sunny days around the corner—or even the rainy day today! Enjoy the colorful umbrella racks, your cool rain boots, the rumbling thunder—anything! Let a rainy day be a good day: for every complaint, there’s always something to be thankful for.

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