An Evening of Wit and Wisdom

englishseminarWe recently had an English seminar titled "Frills and Facades: the Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen." Several of the English faculty spoke about Austen's satire of the upper class English society. Her novels clearly display her thoughts toward Gothic novels, marriage, and men during the Regency Era of England; and I learned much about her writing that I had never even thought about before.

About this time, you're saying to yourself, "Oh great, this is just something an English major would write." And although you may be right, hang in there for a bit. I must admit, I was a little hesitant myself to walk into the Lyceum that Thursday night, simply because I wasn't sure of what to expect.

I was very pleasantly surprised, however, to have learned aspects of her literature that you wouldn't be able to find in a regular textbook. This is why I love all the seminars at PCC. We have the unique chance to hear faculty that we know, sharing their research and passions with whoever wants to hear them. These lectures are offered simply for learning's sake.

Here at college, our days are fairly demanding, with many things on our checklist to do: classes, chapel, and work, to name a few. These seminars take a break from that and require nothing but a willing mind.

So if you've never attended a seminar here, don't miss out! You can glean so much from our teachers' minds, and it can be really fun. And if you're thinking about coming to school at PCC, don't forget about these opportunities. Come out to a seminar and try it for yourself.

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