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11 Things to Thank Your Roommates For

img_48361. Listening to your stories from the day

Whether you need to vent, cry, or laugh, your roomies will listen to your endless drama about how your quiz/test went or about how he/she made eye contact with you at lunch.

2. Accepting your “just woke up” face

Because let’s just be honest, not a single person ever “woke up like this.” And yes, that is dried drool on my face.

3. Doing your room job when you forget

That roommate is the real MVP, for real!

4. Laughing at your jokes that actually aren’t that funny

Puns. Puns. Puns for days.

5. Dealing with your friends that come over

We laugh too much and too loud. Thank you for not throwing us out of the room!

6. Making you feel like you matter

“Did you want the rest of my snack?” That question will always get a “Yes!”

7. Saying “hey” to you outside of the room

What’s better than seeing 1 of your 376 favorite people unexpectedly at dinner?

8. Washing dishes

Because dried Ramen is nasty.

9. Giving their opinion about an outfit you’re trying to make work

“Try that belt.” “Borrow my necklace!” “I have the perfect shoes!” It’s like gaining 3 new closets—if you feel like sharing!

10. Being honest about your boy/girl troubles

They will never love you. Just kidding, you will most likely live happily ever after. They just don't know it yet.

11. Turning your room into a temporary home

At the end of the day (or the hour between classes), it is a sweet place to be.

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