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A Bite of Wisdom

burgerWhat do a guinea pig, a block of butter, and a football have in common? They each weigh one pound—the same weight of the largest burger available in the newly renovated Palms Grille here on campus.

Well, I love a challenge, so last week I grabbed my friend Josiah and headed over to the Palms to take on this massive burger. While ordering, we were told by Emily, the cashier, that the burger is a rare item purchased off the menu. That was supposed to boost our confidence, or at least I think it was. You see, I'm not a huge eater; in fact, I have often lived on Grab 'n' Go meals alone. So a 1-pound burger was just a little daunting.

Once getting our burgers, Josiah put me to shame. He devoured his burger in less than five minutes. Me, not so much; but I did finish it though!

So why write a post about eating a burger? Originally, the plan was just to introduce you to all the new facilities here on campus, such as the remodeled Palms Grille and Campus Store, and the modernized Varsity. But I think that most of you have heard about all those changes by now (And if you haven't, you can check them out here!) So instead I'm going to give you a little encouragement: try new things! Yes, it sounds like a trite expression, I'll give you that. But the next time that you realize that you've been following the same routine day after day, just try to tell me that my words aren't helpful! By doing something out of the ordinary, you can be refreshed and might even be shown a different perspective on life.

So whether it's eating something you've never tried before or stepping out of your comfort zone for God's glory, I encourage you to try something new. It'll help take the monotony out of life!

*The eagle statue in the picture is of Eagor, our college mascot. It was part of a collegian activity called "Eagor is Everywhere," where students took photos across campus with Eagor in the shot.

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