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“Fa, a Long, Long Way to Run”

fa-laI’d say that enjoying a sunset outside is never a bad idea. Add a live orchestra and you’ve got a splendid evening of fun. PCC’s 2nd annual Concert on the Green last Friday was just that. For about an hour, I sat with friends on Eagle Field and listened to PCCymphony orchestra perform selections from The Sound of Music and many other classic compositions. I’d say it was a relaxing break after a busy week.

And then…there was the Eagles 5K the next morning. Relaxing? Uhhh, no. Not even close! Just about the opposite if you ask me. Now, I do enjoy running; but by the time I’m on the final lap around campus (we run around it three times) I’m ready to stop. It takes everything within me to press on to the finish line. But it’s worth it: not much matches that feeling I get crossing the finish line.

So there you go, two vastly different events. However, they do have at least one thing in common: we need them both in our lives. For instance, sometimes we just need to take a break and enjoy the music. And of course, there are other times when we just need to keep on keeping on, no matter how exhausted we are. Although we tend to jump to extremes, a good balance is always best. Let’s remember to work hard and take time to relax. Trust me, it’ll make your semester more productive!

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