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Reflecting on Reflections

2016-10-06_09-01-49Our campus is exploding with talent! The speeches, instrumental pieces, and songs in Sunday Reflections prove this to be true. Reflections is a unique Sunday service that happens twice a semester. It contains special music, moving speeches, and a brief message.

It is easy to sit down and enjoy it yet forget all the hard work that goes into producing this special service. After overhearing two girls in my prayer group talk about preparing for Reflections, I asked a few questions to Bethany Roberts, who was part of a Reflections trio, and Katie Stoup, who had the first speaking piece in this last Reflections service.

How many hours went into your personal practice?

Katie: Since I had a speaking part, approximately 15 hours went into it.

Bethany: Ten hours is usually what goes into preparing a song.

How many people were involved in this production?

Bethany: Well, there's stage crew, performers, light crew, instrumental, plus everyone working with directing...

Katie: About 100 people were involved with this event.

What do you wish people knew about it?

Katie: So much effort goes into this. There is a message that we are trying to share through the songs and speeches. It's not just another required event to go to.

Bethany: We want the people watching to be drawn into what we are doing and be able to worship Christ with us.

Bethany, since you have performed a few times, what are your thoughts while you are on stage?

Bethany: *laughs* Well, I appreciate that it's in the Dale Horton Auditorium because you don't have to worry about your face being up on the big screen in the Crowne Centre for everyone to see clearly. Since the audience can't see all of your facial expressions as well, I believe that it's easier to be a vessel for the piece instead of just a performer.

Do you have any extra comments?

Katie: It isn't just a performance with speech and music majors. While speech majors are required to be involved, other people may be involved.

I appreciate them giving up time to answer my questions. Reflections is a special service that I will not take for granted after hearing about how much work goes into it. It was very insightful, and I am looking forward to the next one!

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