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Before I begin my post:

DISCLAIMER — Sports, including soccer, have never been my forte. My skills on the field rival those of a disoriented penguin. In fact, I remember trying out for my collegian soccer team freshman year. I tried to kick the ball left; the ball flew right. Needless to say, I didn’t make the team. Just in case you were looking for a sports guy’s opinion of the game, you’re not going to find it here. This post is written by a non-athletic college student who came to support his college team’s first home game.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I want to say the first Eagles intercollegiate soccer game was great! There was a lot to write about, so rather than putting you to sleep with a play-by-play of the night, I’m going to instead point out a few of my highlights:

1.) Watching the game with friends

This was definitely my favorite part. Watching a sports game alone is one thing; watching one with friends is something completely different. Add pizza, blankets, and a game of Uno, and you have one fantastic night!

2.) Fireworks!

Really, how could fireworks ever not be a highlight? It was definitely the perfect way to kick off the first home game for the Eagles soccer team.

3.) Suspense

Once you get to overtime, it’s first goal wins—do or die. Having to sit through two overtime periods and watching both teams nearly score over and over again is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat…eh…blanket.

4.) Victory!!!

And of course, to top the night off, we won! We fans stormed the field as soon as the goal was made and celebrated our first home victory with our team.

So there you have it, the highlights of the game. As an afterward, they played another game the next night and won that one too. But it didn’t even come close to the excitement of the first night. I'm very glad I went to it!

Now, let me quickly add that if you missed the first couple of games, don’t worry; there’s going to be a lot more of them. Hope to see you at the next one!

Go Eagles!

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