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“Surfing with the Sabres”

We have successfully finished the first full week of classes, and the 2016–2017 school year is in full swing! It seems ironic that at this very stressful, overwhelming time when we are trying to time-manage like pros, we hear in chapel, student body, hall meetings, and even prayer group, people encouraging us to “get involved.”

Why? I have plenty of credits to keep me busy. If I can just keep my head afloat with good grades, I’m satisfied.

The longer I’m at PCC, the more I realize that I don’t want to solely graduate with a good GPA, never having gotten involved. So much of the college experience that I receive here is outside the classroom. This campus has an almost unending list of opportunities in the areas of collegian sports, music, drama, and ministries.

I have only four years to run for collegian office, try out for singing groups like Proclaim or the Spirit Singers, and jump into a Christian service.

I’m not going to write you another exhortation to get involved. I just want to remind you why you would even want to be involved. Not only do you need a break from brain work every now and then, but you also benefit from stretching yourself and meeting many people that you never would have known otherwise.

Fast forward to your life after graduation. Will you remember that one class that basically ruled your whole semester’s study time, or will you look back at all the college-life opportunities you are glad you didn’t pass up? I encourage you to try at least one new thing this semester—you’ll be glad you did!

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