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Live Life Like a Dolphin

120749_20150322124155webUse your imagination with me for a moment. You are at the beach with the blazing sun beating down on your shoulders. You scan the horizon and suddenly see dolphins breaking through the surface of the water then splashing back down. You are captivated by their simple enjoyment in the moment and by their playful spirit. The dolphins are living their lives to the fullest extent.

Now back to reality.

As a college student, it is easy to become distracted and to become stagnant in life. There are so many options every day that have opened up since entering adulthood. We are no longer able to hold onto our parents’ hands.

Instead of making choices, some choose to simply float through life avoiding having to make any serious decisions. Some choose to allow different philosophies to taint their worldview to where they are no longer able to be used by God while they are sauntering down the wrong path. Floundering around in life will only leave you with regrets and disappointments.

Over the past three years of my college experience, I have seen many first-hand accounts of people choosing to avoid life instead of enjoying the amazing adventure that God has in store for their lives. Many of them have chosen the easy way without a thought to how it will affect their future.

As you enter this semester, be willing to make the hard choices. Study hard, pray harder. In the end, all your hard work will pay off, and you will be thankful that you chose to be diligent.

Remember, you were created for a “porpoise.” (Haha)

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