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Welcome [Back] to PCC!

img_4714Well, this past week has been hectic. I think you'd agree with me on that one. It doesn't matter if you just arrived for the first time or if this is your 7+ semester here, the first week on campus is always exhausting.

You know, I remember first coming here as a freshman. I didn't have my  ID number memorized yet, it took me at least a week to figure out how to open my mailbox, and there were dozens of other things that seemed to take forever to figure out. Yet here I am as a senior, leading students around campus, helping them open their mailboxes, and doing my best to help get them settled into PCC. Sometimes you forget just how fast time flies!

Well, we're all here by the grace of God, and by His grace let's start this semester strong! So whatever your student classification, welcome [back] to PCC!

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