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14747_003I think that we'd all agree that there's a lot we can learn outside the classroom. I mean, there's only so much that a teacher can fit into a 50-minute lecture! And this being the case, I'm glad PCC offers multiple seminars throughout the semester in which we can learn more about various fields of study.

Last semester, I attended the English seminar. Now I know for some of you, English isn't exactly your field of choice. Fair enough—but at least give me a chance to explain why I enjoyed it, and why I think you would have too.

At the seminar, four members of the PCC English faculty—Mr. McDonald, Miss Brazil, Mr. Vaught, and Mrs. Van Etten—each presented a work they'd written that was inspired by their personal lives. Mr. McDonald wrote about his family heritage, and Miss Brazil wrote about close friends of hers who had "adopted" her as their daughter. Mr. Vaught expounded on his shoes that had taken him all over the world and that had been with him through both the big and small incidents of life.

I think my favorite work was Mrs. Van Etten's "Stop the World," a one-man play that was performed by staff member Ryan Klein. Based upon a traumatic incident Mrs. Van Etten witnessed while in college, "Stop the World" portrays a man searching for answers after accidentally striking a boy with his car. It is a remarkable representation of the turmoil a soul goes through in search of the Truth.

I believe now would be a good time to point out that what you just read was only the bare bones of each of their presentations (just in case you hadn't already figured that out). I obviously can't go into detail explaining each one of their works, but what I can say is that each work was well written and very enjoyable.

Overall, the seminar inspired me. Listening to their works, I realized that everything in life, from a traumatic experience to a simple pair of shoes, can influence the the way we write, think, and live. Maybe I'm adding in a little hyperbole, but not much. Everything in life has the power to influence us. Let's make sure that we are allowing good influences to shape and mold our lives!

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