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Student Workers Unite!

SecurityPCC students have the unique opportunity to serve in the work assistance program while helping to pay off their college tuition.

Dining Services, A Beka offices, library work, Print Shop, mail room, Environmental Services, Distribution Center, and PCA Extended School Day are just a few of the departments that students work in.

Because of working on campus, I have the advantage to see the college in a new light. I am able to see the ins and outs of how people seem to work tirelessly and how the administrators strive to make our college life as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

I work in the Security department, and I enjoy every minute of my job. I answer many calls and assist others in the best way that I can. I appreciate the level of protection our administrators make sure that we have at PCC. There are many capable, well-trained individuals in our Security department who are able to assist in medical emergencies and any other situation.

By working on campus, I am able to meet people that I probably never would have had the opportunity to talk to. My co-workers and I share a camaraderie that I enjoy greatly, and I know that I will have some of these friends for life.

I am so appreciative of the students who get up early and work late so that my college experience can be pleasant. Thank you!

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